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A freelancer moves to Castlemaine

Top 5 blogs: going rural

As I start getting ready to head down south, frantically spreadsheeting all the things I need to do before we leave (child care, rental property, unpack the computer in time for editorial deadlines), I thought the best way to experience a move to a country town first-hand would be to read blogs by those who’ve been there done that. I needed some tips.

I came across many just like me: writers, usually women, trying to balance family life with work in a new town or rural retreat, and looking for the space to be able to write (or make art and craft) creatively; a day or two a week will do.

Some highlights…

Life in a Pink Fibro blog LIFE IN A PINK FIBRO

A beautifully designed site, Allison Tait effortlessly lures you into her world of whimsy. Her posts range from the handy tip variety (how to develop a rhinoceros hide when you’re a freelancer) to the meditative (the importance of silence when you are overloaded with information). She has interviews (a recent one with Joel Naoum from Momentum is useful for writers swerving into the digital fast lane) and also details the frustrations and joys of trying to juggle a home business with raising children (when your kid is sick and you have to meet a deadline). Light and airy, it’s a blog I read with relish.


Artist Jodie Ferguson-Batte moved from Sydney to Daylesford (a town not far from Castlemaine where we are headed). She details the setting up of her small business (a loose leaf tea), the paintings she does, her burgeoning love and appreciation for local wines, and how to settle into a local community (first stop: the pub).


A single mum talks about her kids, her cat and a vegetarian, farting, dog. Feral’s writing is dynamic, extremely funny and takes a mischievous take on the well-worn idea that a tree-change is going to be easy. She has a great sense of drama and pace; and can make any subject interesting. A terrific read!

 House of Humble blogHOUSE OF HUMBLE

Beautiful photography and winsome words offer an enchanting glimpse into the lives of a young couple in Bendigo. From the beauty of rain to the misery of renovating, the site is like the visual equivalent of Julia and Angus Stone’s music: calm, curious, sweet. Their most popular post is ‘On being a man who knits’.

 THE SIMPLE LIFE: Miffy in the Middle of Nowhere

The blogger moved from Kangaroo Valley to a spot in rural Victoria she describes as the ‘middle of nowhere’. She details the excitement of living in such an isolated place that she has to ferry her girls across rough water by boat to school, sometimes in strong winds, heart in mouth.

Do you write a blog on moving to a regional community? Have you come across one that’s brilliant? Please let me know and I’ll mention it in an upcoming post.

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 blogs: going rural

  1. Oh, how fabulous – there are some new reads there for me and I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thank you so much for the shout-out – I’m looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Oops! Just tried to comment and it jammed up. If there’s more than one comment by me, I apologise:) We made a tree change too! I found this post via Life in a Pink Fibro.

    My blog isn’t just about our tree change, but it does feature regularly when I do a ‘Back of Buggery’ post.

  3. Hi, great to see someone heading off into ‘the wild blue yonder.’ And even more interesting to see Aussie blogs hooking up! I see lots of UK, Irish and American blogs about all this country stuff – but it’s just not the same. Aussie humour is just a little more tart than anyone else’s 😉

  4. I love following any blogs. Even better if it one of a friend! Looking forward to enjoying your move through your blog. xo

  5. houseofhumble on said:

    Wow, that is the lovliest descripition of our blog EVER! And we both love Angus and Julia Stone so it’s very apt! Good luck with the move – we’ll be following along via your blog. And Castlemaine is not far from Bendigo! 😉

    Katie x

    • Thanks, Katie! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be in touch when I hit Castlemaine – we stayed in Bendigo over the New Year to get to know the area. Loved it there, especially the old Chinese museum.

  6. Followed Allison here from Twitter.
    House of Prowse is based in ‘Remote-land’ Northern Territory, Australia.
    There is nowhere to drive in the “wet season” as the rivers are too high – we’re trapped!

    I’ve been a bit sporadic blogging in the past half of the year but you might find some old pearlers there.
    House of Prowse is about my desire to be published, living with 2 small children and living in remote land.

    Read you later.

  7. I love Al’s blog. I haven’t read the others, so thank you for the tips! x

  8. Great to see you are up and running! Look forward to upcoming posts …

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